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ITO's pipe and nozzle products, are highly

by medical professionals, researchers, and developers.

Each technician will hand-make products according to the application, such as bending, cutting, drawing, etc. By manufacturing a dispensing nozzle, etc. based on the inner mirror surface pipe, it is effective in improving tube wall resistance, cleanability, dispensing accuracy, etc.

Boasting the top domestic manufacturer

ITO's syringe products

We design and manufacture syringes 100% at our own factory. We perform quality checks on each product according to strict standards, and deliver only those that meet the standards to our customers. We also accept custom-made product orders according to your needs.

Various products that realize high accuracy

and high durability and concentrate technologies

We manufacture new products by concentrating the technologies of the trusted brand. Introducing our unique products that have achieved high precision and high durability.

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